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We review the House Committee’s hearing on climate science and the scientific method. We explore the conflict between the Republicans’ supposed dismay at the drop in public trust in science, and their deliberate efforts to erode public trust in science. We also look at how the scientific consensus on climate change is built on many lines of independent evidence all converging on a single conclusion.

Image from Zeke Hausfather @hausfath

  • The rise of “sound science” in attacking scientists during the Tobacco Wars
    • Constructing “Sound Science” and “Good Epidemiology”: Tobacco, Lawyers, and Public Relations Firms (Ong and Glantz, 2001)
      • Public health professionals need to be aware that the “sound science” movement is not an indigenous effort from within the profession to improve the quality of scientific discourse, but reflects sophisticated public relations campaigns controlled by industry executives and lawyers whose aim is to manipulate the standards of scientific proof to serve the corporate interests of their clients.
    • The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition (SourceWatch)
    • 1998 archive of The Advancement of Sound Science Center webpage
  • The Hockey Stick
  • Glaciers around the world are melting

  • Greenland + Antarctica mass balance:
    • “Greenland and Antarctica Ice Sheet Mass Changes and Effects on Global Sea Level” (Forsberg et al. 2017)

Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet mass balance change from GRACE satellite data

Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet contributions to sea level rise

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