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Part 2 of our interview with stand-up comedian Robert Mac on telling Mormon jokes in Utah, the tension between accuracy and comedy, herd mentality and the different types of laughs.

Special thanks to Matt Dundas and Grassroots Comedy DC for their support in letting us record Robert Mac’s performance at Bier Baron Tavern.

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  1. PSWatkins
    August 6, 2017

    Informative and entertaining just the way I like my Science!!!
    Whilst on the subject of Science and show me the funny, not that I want folks to leave your site but are you aware of Brian Cox (he of the 90’s hair stylings and Dorian Gray countenance) and Robin Ince’s Infinite Monkey Cage on the Beeb. This one from Feb 2016 is one for you to ponder.

    I do believe the Scientists (Dr Gabrielle Walker & Professor Tony Ryan) may have got the most (profound) laughs.

    Given John’s wish to do a live on stage podcast this may be helpful to move forward on the idea. NPR will beat a path to your door surely. This is not to say that there is much wrong with your format as I will be a regular listener (strike that put me down as a A SUBSCRIBER).

    Anyhooo thanks for your efforts in putting this together I know it take a lot of planning and production to do this. Another fine episode look forward to the next one. Do you have a regular schedule for release? Gotta run now, is calling me (not sure why, could be a subliminal thing). FUNNY STUFF
    PS Watkins
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